SoundHound V’s Shazam….

Browsing the Android market yesterday I came across SoundHound, a music ID service similar to Shazam but with a difference, it will identify you humming or singing a song as well as recorded music. So I thought I’d give it a try, compare it to Shazam and share my thoughts. Click on the images to… Continue reading SoundHound V’s Shazam….

TweetDeck for Android….. Not quite….

In a conversation between @Mechanical_Mind, @Burgaz and myself on Twitter Wednesday evening, @Mechanical_Mind was asking what I will do about Twitter when the World Cup is on as he knows I detest football, my answer was easy, global filtering on TweetDeck will come to my rescue. ‘but what about when you are on the Nexus??’… Continue reading TweetDeck for Android….. Not quite….