Google’s Nexus One goes on sale

Google launched their first Google phone for sale in the US, UK, Hong Kong & Singapore through their new on-line phone web store.  It is available to the four countries sim free for $529 so roughly £408 inc VAT + delivery to the UK, add another $20+VAT to that if you want the Euro charger with the phone!

Now this may cause a little confusion here and there as you may be thinking the G1 was Google’s first foray into the mobile world, but that was more of a joint venture between Google, HTC and T-Mobile, the Nexus One on the other hand is Google going it alone, with the device built by HTC and available through the T-Mobile network or Google. I hope that clears things up!

Anyway, I am still waiting for mine to be shipped so for now I’ll leave you with the specs, taken from Google, and a few vids and I will post my review and unboxing when Google get the phone out to me.

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