In reply to my Shazam gripe!

Back in June I moaned about having to pay for Shazam for the BlackBerry whilst I could use their service completely free on the G1, in my haste I removed Shazam from the Bold as I couldn’t use it without paying yet I am told it is still free from numerous sources including Shazam, and that I will have limited use of the app + adverts unless I pay up.

For some reason I couldn’t use the app whatsoever without payment and I hadn’t used it for a while so I couldn’t have reached the limits set by Shazam. So I guess I’ll have to install it again and give it another go!

As mentioned I emailed Shazam and this is the response they gave:

We make significant investments in developing applications for each platform and we always try to find the right balance so we may offer Shazam to the masses in an affordable and fair way.

We believe that Shazam is a compelling and popular service for music lovers, and feedback from our existing customers has indicated that they would be very happy to pay a small fee for the Shazam service. However, we’ve looked at how they use Shazam and have recognized that users have different requirements.
There will always be a free Shazam service - on a limited usage and feature set - supported by advertising with an upgrade path for a full-featured version with a small up-front fee or pay a monthly subscription for a premium service. In time, we expect to have this pricing model consistent across all the platforms that host the Shazam application."
So there we have it!
more info over @ Shazam!

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