Nanu’s BLOG goes mobile!

EDIT: Thanks to WPTouch there is no need for the mobile URL…….
OK so yesterday I get a BlackBerry message from my good friend Fatreg, whinging about my blog being unfriendly towards BlackBerry, I immediately apologised and went on to explain that I still carry a torch for RIM. Foolish me Fatreg didn’t mean the content but the site itself.

So, a quick google search leads me to and within 10 minutes I have my first mobile website. Yes it really was that easy first I registered the site name then pointed it to the feed from my blog and hey presto Mofuse do the rest, I then spent a little more time making a few enhancements for example for quick access I pointed the DNS to and added a quickly made logo!

There are a few little quirks I wish to iron out put that will come with time, for now there is a link at the top of this site directing to the mobile site if you stumble across this site on your mobile, unfortunately auto mobile detect and redirect doesn’t work for Blogger yet, but as soon as there is a work around it will be implemented.

The mobile site works really well on the iPhone and for android users you too can share that love, there is a little problem with some images not being displayed on the main menu but I am working to fix this!

Let me know what you think!

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