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iOS4 wins hands down over Android, watch and learn…..


TweetDeck for Android….. Not quite….


In a conversation between @Mechanical_Mind, @Burgaz and myself on Twitter Wednesday evening, @Mechanical_Mind was asking what I will do about Twitter when the World Cup is on as he knows I detest football, my answer was easy, global filtering on TweetDeck will come to my rescue.

‘but what about when you are on the Nexus??’ he asked, again I replied TweetDeck,

‘How he asked?’

this lead to some quick thinking by myself, I had read here that it was coming shortly so I bluffed saying I had it on my Nexus One…..

Then @Mechanical_Mind wanted proof so I posted this image to satisfy him…..

But to simply show the home screen icon wasn’t enough to satisfy @Burgaz‘s needs, ( he is Welsh¬†after all..) he asked for proof of the app running with his post shown within……

So a few minutes later I came up with the following image using photoshop and a screenshot from the iPhone running TweetDeck…..

This satisfied everybody immediately that I was running TweetDeck on my Nexus One…..

BUT….. Unbeknownst to myself, the images had been spotted by a French Blogger and the above images are doing the rounds in France, Spain, Germany and Italy! sorry guys!

Google’s Nexus One goes on sale


Google launched their first Google phone for sale in the US, UK, Hong Kong & Singapore through their new on-line phone web store.  It is available to the four countries sim free for $529 so roughly ¬£408 inc VAT + delivery to the UK, add another $20+VAT to that if you want the Euro charger with the phone!

Now this may cause a little confusion here and there as you may be thinking the G1 was Google’s first foray into the mobile world, but that was more of a joint venture between Google, HTC and T-Mobile, the Nexus One on the other hand is Google going it alone, with the device built by HTC and available through the T-Mobile network or Google. I hope that clears things up!

Anyway, I am still waiting for mine to be shipped so for now I’ll leave you with the specs, taken from Google, and a few vids and I will post my review and unboxing when Google get the phone out to me.

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