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SoundHound V’s Shazam….


Browsing the Android market yesterday I came across SoundHound, a music ID service similar to Shazam but with a difference, it will identify you humming or singing a song as well as recorded music. So I thought I’d give it a try, compare it to Shazam and share my thoughts.

Click on the images to enlarge…..

Visually I prefer SoundHound until it comes to the history page, where Shazam’s use of album art wins.  With regards to the overall functionality of the app again I prefer SoundHound, the ‘eye candy’ whilst listening to a track is far nicer than that of Shazam, showing the feedback from the mic as it listens.

SoundHound also offers the ability to share the track you have just found via email or Twitter, a function not found in Shazam.  It also offers the option to tag a track that you hum or sing, which amazingly worked as I casually sang ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams at my Nexus One.

Both Apps carry ads to support them, but with SoundHound you only get 5 tags per month (sharing tracks to Twitter will get you an extra 3) at which point it will cost £3.38 ($4.99) to upgrade to the premium version which will allow unlimited tags and will be ad free. Shazam on the other hand gives you unlimited tags (AFAIK) and there is no option to upgrade and remove the ads.

I am typically a low user so 5 tags will be enough for me, but a one off cost of £3.38 isn’t too bad if it will recognise tracks in my head….

SoundHound wins overall for me….

SoundHound over Shazam:


  • visually pleasing UI
  • Tag share via email or Twitter
  • Lyrics displayed
  • Hum, sing, speak or type a song


  • limited tags

TweetDeck for Android….. Not quite….


In a conversation between @Mechanical_Mind, @Burgaz and myself on Twitter Wednesday evening, @Mechanical_Mind was asking what I will do about Twitter when the World Cup is on as he knows I detest football, my answer was easy, global filtering on TweetDeck will come to my rescue.

‘but what about when you are on the Nexus??’ he asked, again I replied TweetDeck,

‘How he asked?’

this lead to some quick thinking by myself, I had read here that it was coming shortly so I bluffed saying I had it on my Nexus One…..

Then @Mechanical_Mind wanted proof so I posted this image to satisfy him…..

But to simply show the home screen icon wasn’t enough to satisfy @Burgaz‘s needs, ( he is Welsh after all..) he asked for proof of the app running with his post shown within……

So a few minutes later I came up with the following image using photoshop and a screenshot from the iPhone running TweetDeck…..

This satisfied everybody immediately that I was running TweetDeck on my Nexus One…..

BUT….. Unbeknownst to myself, the images had been spotted by a French Blogger and the above images are doing the rounds in France, Spain, Germany and Italy! sorry guys!

SocialScope BlackBerry Twitter app explains their beta process…


By far my favourite Twitter app for my BlackBerry is socialscope, and I have been using it for quite a while now, but SocialScope has to be the longest running Beta app ever, (not quite as long as Google mail etc held their beta status for!!) and those not yet lucky enough to have SocialScope are feeling left out in the cold.

As well as handling Twitter, SocialScope brings your FaceBook status updates into the mix, keeping you completely updated. All this is neatly handled with tabs a top of the screen, giving you instant access to either Twitter and FaceBook, @ replies, DM’s, Twitter or FaceBook. Add to that your own channels/tabs such as individuals or lists. SocialScope supports keypad shortcuts and autotext, shortcuts are the most important for me and saves a lot of scrolling and clicking.

If you would like to apply to become a beta tester you can do so here

This is what SocialScope have said over the matter,

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the SocialScope beta process and want to address them. First, no one should feel left out because they haven’t received an invite or are running a different version then someone else. As the beta progresses every one will be upgraded and more users will be added.
Second, we’re always seeding new versions of the app to small groups of users to test, tune and tweak SocialScope. Keeping the test groups small allows us to work closely with these users; making changes that would otherwise drive you crazy and lead to overwhelming number of support emails for us. This is an iterative process that can take many versions until its ready for a wider group of users.
Finally, we’ve tried to be as inclusive as possible leading to a very very large private beta. That means we can’t respond to every email or @reply (we wish we could, but we’re a small team), but your feedback is really valuable to us and we read every email we get.
“How do you select users to seed versions to?” Its largely random, but sometimes based on device type and carrier if we’re trying to track down a specific issue.
“How long will it take for me to get version x?” We can’t give you a date, but as soon as its ready you’ll get an upgrade notice within the app.
“I haven’t even gotten an invite yet…” We’re constantly expanding the beta when a spot opens up or the app is released publicly we’ll let you know.
Finally follow us and become a fan at to stay up to date with our latest news.
-Team Conan er SocialScope

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