Twidgit Lite & Twidroid for Android

Perhaps one of my favourite widgets on my homescreen is Twidgit Lite, this lightweight Twitter application is available free from the Android market.

Tapping on the widget brings up the last 20 posts of your friends timeline and allows you to ReTweet or Reply to your friends. The settings are limited to username password and refresh rate.

With Twidgit Lite you can post your status direct from the homescreen by simply tapping on the bubble icon.

As good as Twidgit Lite is and as the name suggests it is Lite, it lacks url shortening, picture uploading, @ mentions and messaging. Twidgit Website

Which is where Twidroid steps in.

Twidroid is a fully functional Twitter client, which features alert notification for tweets, @ replies & direct messages, photo uploading to Phodroid, Twitpic, Twitgoo or YFrog, with settings for picture quality low, medium or high, a choice of several URL shorteners, and the option to show up to 250 tweets, the settings list goes on quite a bit so I’ll let the screen shots tell the rest.

Posting a tweet within the app allows you to attach a photo from the gallery or from the camera, (Twidroid is also an option when selecting share after taking a photo from the camera app) your current location can also be added to your tweet and again there are many options for doing this.

Replies and Direct Messages are handled in their own screens again with full options for handling those tweets.

Another cool feature in Twidroid is the search function, a quick search for photography using my current location brings up @LesleyWoodPhoto “Pet Photographer of the year” local photographer and a new acquaintance of mine through Twitter. Lesley’s Website

Twidroid also places a shortcut icon in the notifications bar whilst the app is off screen and allows quick access to the app itself. Twidroid Website

For me if the developers of these apps could get together and pull together their resources we could have one cool application (twidgitroid?) but in the mean time we have 2 cool apps equally as good as one another for the purposes they serve!


  1. I'll have a look at that, though I am now sporting the Hero which uses Peep, (Twidroid if I'm not mistaken) and Twidgit lite isn't available on the Hero market!

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