Android Live up and running in XP

Here’s a quick guide on how to get Android Live up and running in XP using Virtual Box:

  1. Download and install Virtual Box for windows from here
  2. Download Android live .iso file from here and save to desktop
  3. Double click on the Sun xVM VirtualBox icon on your desktop

  4. Next click on “new” and a wizard will pop up.

  5. VM Name and OS type for this I chose Android as the name and Linux V2.6 as the OS type.

  6. Memory, I chose 512MB which should be ample

  7. Hard Disk as we will be using the ISO we downloaded earlier we can skip this step simply deselect “Boot Hard Disk” press next, a warning will pop up, select continue which will take you to the summary screen, select finish.

  8. Now we have set up the VM we need to edit a few settings

  9. Select Settings

  10. Then select Network and change NAT to Bridged

  11. Then select your wireless device in the drop down box below.

  12. Next we need to select the ISO navigate to CD/DVD ROM check the box to the left of Mount CD/DVD ROM, then select ISO Image File and then select the ISO you downloaded to your desktop. Close the settings window and run the new VM you have just created.

  13. If successful a new window should pop up containing the VM

  14. Give the search a try to see if your network connection is successful

  15. And there we have it up and running and connected to WiFi

The Virtual Machine will capture your keyboard and mouse to release them for use outside of the VM simply press the right ctrl key. To go home using Android use the windows start key and to bring up the menu use the menu key to the right of the right hand windows start key.

All credit goes to the guys at Live Android follow them on twitter or take a look at the Live Android site

Apparently we will be seeing ADB access and the ability to make an SD card in the future release which should open a whole new world of possibilities, Hero Rom anyone??

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